On 16th May 2016 Clare Murray wrote:

UKGBC Future Leaders presentation

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) Future Leaders alumni meet regularly to build upon the successes of the programme and share innovation insights. The breakfast event last week was no exception, with a sea of familiar faces and plenty of discussion on both individual and business related innovation. As part of the event, I had an opportunity to present our own insight into post-occupancy evaluation, titled "To look back is to move forward".

Since writing our UKGBC climate pledge last year, committing us to “learn from what we have built through in-use performance monitoring, to improve what we design for the future”, we have aligned this with our vision for beautiful, functional buildings and begun carrying out post-occupancy evaluations. Our unique approach is to target specific projects that we would like to learn more from, tailor the monitoring carried out for the building and users, add value by feeding results into future projects and most importantly, share these findings with the industry to encourage others to follow.

Look for more information coming soon to our website, including the results of our first post-occupancy evaluation.