Posted Apr 28 2022 | By Clare Murray

Net Zero Carbon by 2050

We are proud to be a practice that strives to fix the planet rather than continue to break it. The industry is on a journey towards zero carbon and we have an opportunity to lead by example. As signatories of RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge, Architects Declare and regular contributors to the Low Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI), we campaign to push for faster change on all our projects.

As a result, we report on the environmental impacts of our practice and set objectives and targets each year to improve our performance. This has become embedded into our daily working ethos and helps form our carbon reduction plan.

We opt to split our activities into ‘practice’ and ‘project’ to recognise the different approaches to reducing the footprint of our practice workspaces and activities and the influence we have on the buildings we design and complete. We recognise that the greatest emissions reductions we can make are through working with clients, other design teams and contractors to set ambitious goals for our projects. In addition, we provide net zero carbon guidance to local authorities and clients to support them on their journey.

Ultimately, we are striving to be a zero carbon practice well before 2050, but in the meantime, we are working hard to make the places and spaces we create as sustainable as possible.