On 22nd October 2020 Clare Murray wrote:

Our pathway to zero carbon

Our Practice is on a journey to zero carbon. As signatories of Architects Declare and contributors to the London Energy Transformation Initiative, we have campaigned for faster change in the built environment. In order to bring our advocacy into our built projects, we are pursuing ultra-low energy design as the first step towards achieving zero carbon in operation.

To this end, we are pleased to share two documents with you. The first is a brief introduction to how we will reach zero carbon. This outlines what we mean by an ‘ultra-low energy’ building as well as the four-step process we will use to ensure our zero carbon targets are met.

The second document is our Easi Guide to Passivhaus Design. This is designed to help with early design decisions which are crucial to ensuring Passivhaus can be achieved on your project. We hope that you will use this guide at the beginning of Stage 2 of every project, regardless of whether it is to be certified Passivhaus or not.

In order to mitigate climate change, we must act now. We hope to work with you on our pathway to zero carbon, towards a more sustainable future.