On 3rd May 2016 Clare Murray wrote:

Green Sky Thinking 2016

Last week we enjoyed yet another year of Green Sky Thinking. As can now be expected, a fantastic range of topics were provided, covering everything from policy and case studies, to discussions on how to implement best practice sustainability on projects.

A highlight for me was Max Fordham’s event on Sustainable Housing: Beyond the Bonfire. A range of speakers shared their ideas of best practice in sustainability, together with a presentation by Dinah Bornat from ZCD architects on her research regarding well used green spaces. Following the presentations, the audience was split into workshop groups and tasked to come up with what constitutes best practice for topics such as material use, external spaces and building performance. The workshop encouraged collaboration between construction professionals and made us all think about what is really important in sustainability, whilst reminding us of pioneering practice ideas. Overall, this was a very much enjoyed evening thanks to an interesting range of attendees.