Posted Oct 15 2021 | By Victoria Turner

Speaking about sustainable development at Education Estates

On Wednesday I gave a presentation on sustainable development at the Education Estates Conference. I spoke about retrofit and its role in creating facility transformation and resilience for school estates, as well as it playing a vital part of the jigsaw for reducing carbon emissions during a climate crisis. I spoke on the sustainability stage, ironically the smallest stage at the conference, but arguably one of the most important topics!

I showed some of our past and current schemes that reuse assets and use strategic interventions to bring cohesion and new life to spaces, such as our work at UCLU (pictured above), Elizabeth College, Wilkins Terrace and Stonyhurst College. I also discussed the wider environmental context, concluding that we must do more in refurbishments to produce ultra-low carbon buildings.

I really enjoyed myself; there was a great turn out with an engaged audience and good questions!