On 15th July 2016 Jo McCafferty wrote:

Housing Futures symposium

I'm delighted to have been asked to present at the Housing Futures symposium in Sydney next week, a one day conference looking at the challenges facing architects across the globe.

In my keynote address, I'll explore how housing typologies have evolved in Europe over the last 60 years and how they can inform design of the future. Specifically, I'll focus on the concept of shared spaces within buildings and neighbourhoods, citing case studies from some trailblazing architects of this era. Their work continues to influence design across the continent, with its clear social benefits to residents and communities. With London and Sydney in the midst of a housing crisis, land is becoming increasingly scarce, building heights are rising and the impact on communities is growing. More than ever, we need to make the most of sites through an ‘every millimetre matters’ philosophy to deliver the number and quality of homes needed.