On 23rd January 2017 Joseph Charman wrote:

Friday night drinks recap: Matthew's studio

Matthew’s studio presented the full range of our current projects, from the recently completed UCL's School of Management located on the 38th Floor of One Canada Square, to projects which are within the early stages of construction or even still on the drawing board.

Our presentation provided insight into some of the UCL projects located on their Bloomsbury campus and included capturing the construction detailing, such as the Portland stone build-up of the fourth façade at Wilkins Terrace and the external façade of the Faculty of Laws, as well as the revealing of existing surfaces and finishes to celebrate the existing character of the Kathleen Lonsdale Building. Other projects showed the different scales of refurbishment to existing buildings from over-cladding systems at Astor College to human scale interiors of its student bedrooms.

The sustainability, health and wellbeing design concepts around the Coppice Wood and Errol Street, both specialist residential schemes, were also presented to show how different specialisms come together to make an efficient and more well-rounded building.