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Superdensity: The Sequel

As the scope and concentration of development in London continues to rise, we see an increase from ‘superdensity’ to what we have dubbed ‘hyperdensity’ – surpassing 350 homes per hectare. Working in collaboration with three other architectural practices (HTA, PRP and PTE), we built on our first Superdensity report, illustrating emerging concerns while restating our apprehension in this new intensified context, and how it relates to global development patterns.

Superdensity: The Sequel makes predictions about both the social and environmental impacts of these extremely dense developments. Through a mixture of case studies and essays, it is a design guide which tackles the challenges of living at ‘superdensity’ and has been commended throughout the industry as a key reference for all those working in the housing sector.

Our first Superdensity guide is here and was accompanied by a documentary film.