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NHF Housing Standards Handbook

The National Housing Federation describes itself as the voice of affordable housing in England and part of its role has always been to promote good design and champion standards.

Housing is currently high on the government’s agenda. The focus has been on removing barriers to boost house building but like many other organisations, the NHF is keen to ensure that quality is not sacrificed in the race for numbers. We were therefore delighted when we were invited to produce a new Housing Standards Handbook on behalf of the NHF. We saw it an opportunity to write the book we wish we had, and this is the end result.

Using clear and accessible language, it sets out what the Governments’ 2012-15 Review of Housing Standards means in practice and takes a realistic look at how we can continue to produce good, long-lasting housing in what has become an extremely challenging environment - particularly for affordable housing providers.

As well as being an essential briefing tool for clients, it’s a good practice guide for designers, and a resource for anyone with an interest in housing. Text, tables, sketches and diagrams support a comprehensive set of colour-coded standards which cover everything from placemaking to kitchen design.