• Post-occupancy evaluation

Loudoun Road post-occupancy evaluation

Loudoun Road in LB Camden provides 42 new homes, of which 36 are affordable. Completed a few years ago for Origin Housing Group, we have since returned to carry out an evaluation of the homes in-use. This included speaking to residents, analysing questionnaires as well as logging summer and winter temperatures in selected homes to compare with heat consumption and resident satisfaction levels.

The project incorporates Passivhaus principles with high levels of insulation; utilisation of internal and solar gains; excellent airtightness and good indoor air quality by means of a whole-house ventilation system with heat recovery. This strategy sought to achieve a 54% reduction in carbon emissions (Part L 2010) through building fabric improvements and the installation of solar thermal panels.

Overall, the study has demonstrated the benefits of using Passivhaus principles when designing homes and the pitfalls of using Building Regulations calculations to assess performance.

To access the full report, follow the download link below.