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Age-Friendly Housing: Future design for older people

The latest addition to the RIBA’s ‘Future’ series, this book can also be seen as the sequel to the original HAPPI report because that too, focused on the role of design in helping us to live well as we age. In 2009, the HAPPI panel had to venture to other parts of Europe to find great examples of specialised housing for older people. With new options that are tempting us to move from choice rather than necessity, the UK has now caught up.

Co-authored by Julia Park and Jeremy Porteus, the book looks at mainstream provision too, suggesting that all new housing, and the wider public realm, should be age-friendly. Reflecting on the implications of changing demographics and lifestyles, and the increasing role of technology, the book includes insights from external contributors who, though their expert knowledge, help us think ahead and remind us that despite much to celebrate, there is no room for complacency.

Find a teaser for the book here and the further reading list here.