On 22nd November 2016 Lotta Nyman wrote:

Well Built: Designing for health and wellbeing in architecture

‘Well Built: Designing for health and wellbeing in architecture’ is an exhibition at the Museum of Architecture which asks the question ‘what can architects and designers do today to make our homes, cities and public spaces healthier?’. Organised into five areas, this exhibition looks at how new ways of thinking about health and wellbeing have been incorporated into everyday spaces including homes, schools, offices and public areas.

Our social housing project Vaudeville Court is featured as part of a group of housing schemes that showcase changing living patterns in the UK. These projects, ours included, aim to increase social interaction, create a better sense of community and increase the feelings of safety within a neighbourhood – all factors that have a positive impact on individuals’ physical and mental health.

This exhibition is free to visit and runs 1-29 November at the Museum of Architecture, so there is just one one week left to see it!