On 9th December 2016 Julia Park wrote:

The Guardian’s 'Liveable Cities’ roundtable

One of the perks of being chair of the RIBA Housing Group is that you get invited to cover housing-related events that the president can’t manage to fit in. As you’ll see from yesterday’s write-up, the Guardian’s 'Liveable Cities’ recent roundtable event was a wide-ranging session. The title and the guest list sounded interesting and the chance to see inside the Guardian headquarters was just too good to turn down.

As well as being a very competent chair, Tess Riley was delightful. She didn’t need to keep the discussion going (no problems there) but she kept it on track while her colleague scribbled furiously. It’s not easy to capture a two hour discussion in 1,000 or so words, but the key messages have come across. We live in a digital world but we are sociable beings; we all benefit from living in mixed communities; cities are exciting but we have to work harder at making them fairer, greener and healthier. I came away thinking we do this pretty well at Levitt Bernstein.

(Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National Geographic Creative)