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Supporting ‘Part Z’, a proposed amendment to the Building Regulations tackling embodied carbon

We support the campaign for embodied carbon to be regulated in the UK. We believe that change is feasible today and not tomorrow. Building regulations could drive embodied carbon to the forefront of the design, specification and construction process. We welcome the proposed amendment to the Building Regulations under the name of 'Part Z', which demonstrates a mechanism for introducing embodied carbon into law.

Chris Carroll, Net Zero Buildings Leader for Arup’s UK region, said: “Around 10% of our national GHG emissions are associated with construction. To reduce embodied carbon impacts in line with the national net-zero 2050 pathway, we need firm, supportive legislation which sets out a clear requirement to measure, report, and reduce against aligned targets.”

The proposed amendment comes one month after the Climate Change Committee delivered their 2021 Progress Report to Parliament, recommending that the government sets out plans for phasing in mandatory whole life carbon reporting and limits for all buildings, roads and infrastructure by 2025. We hope that the government will see Part Z as an ‘easy win’ for the UK’s COP26 plans, and its roadmap to Net Zero.

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