On 22nd June 2017 Vinita Dhume wrote:

LSCC Annual Conference

We are working closely with the London School of Economics to look at ways of intensifying the London-Cambridge development corridor. Although still in its early stages development, we were asked to present our ‘think piece’ as a collaborative study with LSE at the LSCC Annual Conference.

The project focuses on a long term development strategy for the corridor which will require a comprehensive approach – looking at social, economic and physical infrastructure. In light of current policy guidance and the status of the existing green belt, there are several limitations on how some of the green belt land could be released for development. The study recognises the need for inner and outer city brownfield sites and their intensification, however, its focus is on the long term vision for London and how it could form symbiotic and stronger relationships with its hinterland towns and cities. The London-Cambridge corridor is a natural extended arm of the city with good infrastructure already present along this northern ladder and this has the potential to become a beneficial arm with interconnected destinations and places of both local and global significance.

The conference was a brilliant platform for an exchange of ideas and to engage in an interesting discourse around future planning scenarios and opportunities for this corridor. The need for more strategic thinking and a regional focus was discussed, and speakers from various backgrounds explained that due to the current unstable political climate, current policies on the ground can limit long term potential for development along such corridors. Speakers also shared how bold and visionary thinking was required in these current times, if we are to grab these opportunities and work towards making the UK and its cities exciting places for people to live, work and visit.