On 22nd May 2017 Andrew McKay wrote:

Day trip for Jo's studio

Last week Jo’s studio went on a mini-outing to see Spectrum Youth Centre on Old Street, one of our projects nearing its final stage on site. For most of the studio it was the first time seeing it and it was great to be given a guided tour by Hanna, the architect, and site foreman, Vlad. A particular highlight was the bespoke plywood-edged acoustic panels in the recording studios and the dramatic pleated façade that will activate the street frontage.

This was followed by an enlightening tour around the Blake Tower marketing suite on the Barbican Estate to see a mock-up of one of their new apartments. We also managed to squeeze in a trip to the Japanese House exhibition currently on at the Barbican Centre. This was an immersive exhibition full of beautiful models, drawings and moving images that explored Japanese domestic architecture post-1945. Finally, the rainy day was wrapped up with a few beers in a local Barbican pub.