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Rochdale Masterplan, Manchester


Lower Falinge and College Bank are two neighbourhoods in central Rochdale that have been negatively portrayed in recent years and need significant investment to improve homes, with associated regeneration challenges linked to the existing physical design. We will collaborate with the local community to identify and assess the different development opportunities through a series of workshops and extensive stakeholder engagement, before delivering a strategic masterplan.

The masterplan will establish the detailed values and costings of individual projects, in addition to phasing considerations, management structure and governance arrangements, sequencing of steps, legal and technical mechanisms for delivery, sources of funding and the preconditions necessary to secure adequate finance. We aim to create a distinctive place, building on the existing community and reimagining and enhancing the character and identity of both estates.

Project Details:

An urban neighbourhood regeneration in central Rochdale.

Client: Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Construction Value: TBC

Completion: TBC

Location: Manchester