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Canning Town Memorial, Newham


In 1940 during the blitz a bomb landed on Southville school killing 76 people.

The creation of a memorial to this disaster presents an opportunity to make reference to the past and promote positive relationships with this key site within the Canning Town Community.

The design provides a vivid and thought provoking space at the entrance to Freemans Road from the Custom House Docklands Light Railway Station. High quality elements promote a reflective, contemplative setting which incorporates intriguing and informative installations.

The design and installation process utilised local business, craftspeople and training facilities to connect residents to the memorial. A local poet worked with Southville school children to make positive statements about Canning Town, which were cut into steel plates. The final plate, at the end of the rill, commemorates the Blitz victims.

The use of stone, water and steel relates strongly to the local context of Canning Town's historic relationship with steel works and the Docks, connecting people to their past.

At a glance

Client: Canning Town Regeneration

Construction Value £215,000

Completion: 2006