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The Environmental Design Pocketbook launched at Ecobuild 2012

Levitt Bernstein is joint sponsor of The Environmental Design Pocketbook, written by Sofie Pelsmakers. The book provides practical responses and appropriate solutions for the housing design industry in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

The publication's aim is to debunk and clarify related myths and preconceptions by bringing together published and unpublished academic research with real-life architectural and engineering solutions. The book aims to inform correct use of building technologies, integrating with the RIBA Plan of Work and level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, in readiness for its compulsory compliance by 2016.

Published: March 2012

"Sustainability and the environment is a huge topic and one of enormous importance to all those involved in the building industry. I recommend this book as an invaluable tool in a fast changing and complicated field, it is easy to use, well illustrated and packed with useful information and guidance." - Angela Brady, President RIBA

"It is simple, concise and packed with useful facts and figures. Sofie's book makes it easy to grasp the issues and strategies to design and construct greener buildings. I'll be keeping a copy close to hand." - Pooran Desai, Co-Founder BioRegional and One Planet Communities

The Environmental Design Pocketbook can be purchased from: www.ribabookshops.com/item/the-environmental-design-pocketbook/74334/ and is to be launched by RIBA Publishing at EcoBuild in March 2012 (www.ecobuild.co.uk/highlights.html#RIBA-village). Further details of the Pocketbook can be found at: www.environmentaldesignpocketbook.com/